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How long will my BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN last?

5-7 days, depending on your skin type.  We recommend re-applying
the tanning mist to the face every second day to keep you extra glowy.

What’s the best way to prepare for BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN?

First things first, jump in the shower and exfoliate from head to toe to make sure you get rid of any dead skin to ensure your tan develops evenly. Once you get out of the shower, make sure
you are completely dry but hold up right there and don’t apply any moisturiseror deodorant just yet.

You want your skin to be like a blank canvas, completely bare and ready for that GLOW UP. If you need to, you can apply a little bit ofmoisturiser on your hands, feet, elbows and knees as the tan likes to grab onto
these areas a little more.

Do you need a Self tanning application mitt?

We recommend purchasing our BY KATIE LAWRENCE application mitt to ensure your tan has a flawless finish.

Can you leave BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN on overnight?

For the perfect tan we suggest leaving it on for up to 8 hours to ensure the tan has developed fully. So once you have applied your tan get into your comfiest pyjamas and know when you wake in the morning your tan will be fully developed and ready to shower off.

How often should you self tan?

It comes down to your own preference and how your skin and tan are looking. You can apply the tan weekly on a designated tan night (our favourite is Thursday). Make sure you have exfoliated and completely removed the previous tan so you are starting fresh to ensure your tan stays even and flawless.

How long do I need to wait before showering after applying BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN?

6-8 hours is the optimum time to develop the perfect glow.

Will my tan go patchy if I exercise with BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN?

Your tan won’t go patchy but it will decrease how long the tan lasts. Keep your skin hydrated to avoid it going patchy and rather than wiping that beautiful sweaty face, dab it to avoid friction and the tan possibly coming off.

Can I swim after applying BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN?

Of course! Know that it does limit how long your tan lasts due to being submerged in water for long periods of time and remember to always wear SPF if you are out in the sun.

Are BY KATIE LAWRENCE products suitable for my face?

Our tanning mist is perfectly designed for face application to keep you looking glowy all year round.

Can I use BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN during pregnancy?

It is recommended that you check with your doctor. To be extra cautious during your pregnancy, we recommend covering your mouth, nose and eyes when applying to prevent inhaling any of the tanning products. Do not apply to the breast area if breast feeding and it is also recommended to do a skin test before tanning as hormone levels can fluctuate during pregnancy.

Will BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN transfer onto clothing?

The BY KATIE LAWRENCE tan dries quickly after application so you can wear clothes after application if you wish, whatever floats your boat. We recommend loose, comfortable clothing but transfer is very minimal and will wash out.

Will I turn orange with BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN?

Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to our BY KATIE LAWRENCE self tanning products. An orange result may also occur naturally depending on your skin type. Not all skin types react the same when exposed to DHA (the active ingredient that changes the colour of the skin). Going a bit overboard on the tanning products can result in an orange tan, and this is accentuated when applied to pale or
lighter skin types.

Our BY KATIE LAWRENCE tanning products are formulated with a green base, so that our beautiful glowing customers result in a natural warm tan that doesn't appear orange. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different in regards to PH levels which can also determine how the tan develops on the skin.

A patch test will determine how your skin will react to the product.

Will BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN stain my sheets?

Should the tan come into contact with your sheets, don’t be alarmed! All our self tanning ingredients are water soluble and can easily wash out. We recommend washing your sheets as soon as possible if there is any transfer. 


All BY KATIE LAWRENCE tanning products have a morocco rose oil scent which we don’t mean to be biased but it smells AMAZING!

Is BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN tested on animals?

It’s a big no from us, we are opposed to animal testing so not one single product in our range has been tested on animals.

Is BY KATIE LAWRENCE TAN suitable for all ages?

We recommend ages from 13 and above can use our BY KATIE LAWRENCE tanning products.

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